Adoptive parent The Adventurer- Snow leopard


To Become an Ambassador for the Protection of Wildlife and Nature. 

By adopting Elsa, you’re creating not only a special bond between you and one of our star animals, you’re also participating directly in the Zoo de Granby’s conservational education mission. Your contribution allows us to pursue important projects to preserve wildlife, with heart and passion!


The package includes:

Adoption certificate to be personalized
Animal species fact sheet
Fact sheet on the Zoo individual
Photograph of the Zoo individual (5″ x 7″)
Stuffed animal with Adoptive Parent tag
Key chain
Subscription to the Adoptive Parents Journal (4 issues / year)


Please note that you must write the name on the certificate manually and that each adoption is valid for one year.

Suggested presentation. The “animal transport” gift box is exclusively for pick-ups at the Zoo. Mail shipments will be handled in standard boxes.

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By purchasing products on the Zoo de Granby online store, you are also contributing to our mission of preserving the animal world. As a non-profit organization, all proceeds from product sales and ticket sales are reinvested in conservation projects, research, or animal welfare, right here at the zoo, within the province, or internationally.

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